Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Family Day Out in Spain: Aquopolis, Torrevieja

Back in June this year, Glen, Bridget and I spent a week in Spain on the La Marina Urbanisation, not far from Alicante. A lovely, laid back family get away, which coincided with us finding out I was expecting again – perfect timing.

Most of our days were spent enjoying our own private pool for the week, we also spent a leisurely day on the beach at Guardamar del Segura well as a visit to Santa Pola and the buzzing marina there, but one of our favourite days there was spent at the waterpark in nearby TorreviejaAquopolis.

Bridget was, at the time, 21 months, and I had researched potential family days out for during our stay and we were worried she might have been too young to enjoy a waterpark – we thought wrong.

Aquopolis is a great family attraction with something for all the age groups and all preferences of activity levels. In previous years, I would have likely been found on the lazy river floating around in a giant donut inflatable, whilst Glen would have taken his time on the more daring of slides. However with an active toddler on our hands our day was slightly different.

Aimed specifically at toddlers and young children under eight, the Charmed Lake area is a shallow area adorned with a fun little house, castle, trees and dragons – all with small, but perfectly formed and fabulously fun little slides for little ones to enjoy. We literally spent hours here with Bridget enjoying the repetition of time spent coming down the various slides and under waterfalls. Great fun. 

Water park fun

The Charmed Lake, Aquopolis

Aquopolis, Torrevieja

A slightly faster paced area was the Mini Park – aimed at children under 1.4 metres, it was again in shallow waters but contained a huge water castle complete with slides, water pistols, showers and jets of water, a spinning high tub of water for children to excitedly run underneath – uncertain of whether it would get them or not plus mini flume slides, to gear up the younger children for some of the more adventurous slides around Aquopolis. Again, Bridget really enjoyed experimenting with the water and playing with some of the older children here. She was less confident in this section, but with her Daddy (Glen) by her side, she really did have tons of fun. 

The Mini Zig Zag slides, proved incredibly popular – Bridget had to be accompanied by Daddy, and we visited on a day when it was over 90 degrees and there was a huge hill to climb each time, but each time she came off she called ‘more, more’ with lots of laughter, and Glen wasn’t able to refuse. It was adorable to watch – wonderful memories for us too. 

The Mini Zig Zag at Aqopolis, Torrevieja
If you are visiting with older children who want something a little more action-packed, Aquopolis has all the trappings of the classic waterpark, the Kamikaze style slides, speed slides, a black hole flume, a boomerang and water rapids plus loads more that we didn’t get to explore with our little toddler.

The park is priced at around 25.00 per adult and under 3’s were free so this was a good value day out for us. Sun beds are positioned all around the park and in view of the attractions if you want to relax while the children run wild, and there are a few fast food outlets on site. We only indulged in the ice cream as we visited for an afternoon, after Bridget had had her daily nap.

Aquopolis is a great family water park that has something for everything and we would definitely return if we were in that part of Spain. As well as encouraging safe water-play and promoting swimming as a fun activity - it's a great place to spend much needed family quality time together.

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