Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Children's Party Food: Vegetable Train

Pig Train Driver and Vegetable Train
For Bridget's recent second birthday party, I was entertaining a number of toddlers and wanted to prepare some food that was fun as well as healthy and this veggie train ticked the boxes. Having scoured Pinterest for ideas, I saw trains made out of hollowed cucumbers but thought peppers would hold more and be easier for my clumsy hands.

With a little preparation, some fiddling and a fair few cocktail sticks - we had this lovely train that had a few of the kids running back into the dining room to take another look and yelling 'choo choo', I have a feeling it'll be making a regular appearance at children's parties from now on.

As it was a Peppa Pig theme party too, I even managed to secure an M&S Percy Pig on the front to look like the driver - such a fun idea and easy to replicate at home.

Vegetable Train
Here's how:

  • 1 large cucumber
  • 4 different coloured peppers
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1 Percy Pig (optional)
  • Handful cocktail sticks to assemble
  • 1 wooden or plastic board or platter

Firstly prepare the cucumber - you need three sections of this as so, some sticks to place in one of the pepper 'carriages', ten sliced rounds or circles to act as wheels (you could of course use half a cherry tomato each or some sliced radishes) and then the front of your train which is a little more fiddly.

You need about 6-7cm length of cucumber including the pointy end, leave 2 cm untouched and neatly slice halfway across, long-ways off and set aside the leftover piece which will act as the train 'roof'. Now you need a further length of cucumber of about 3-4cm to act as the train drivers section - it should be a little square, and you can cut small little square 'windows in the sides if you so wish. Now use a cocktail stick first to pierce the corner of the roof, then into the corner of the train drivers bit and finally all the way through to the base, to secure. Do the same the other side. Now place a round of cucumber - or a wheel at the front on either side of the front of the train and again use 1 cocktail stick to secure - use scissors to trim down if it's too long. Set aside. If you are using a Percy Pig sweet as a 'driver' also secure him with the end of a cocktail stick.

Now you need to lay each pepper on it's side, and cut out a rectangular section, that you will then slice as the vegetable fingers or crudités and set aside. Now using the knife, cut out all the seeds inside each pepper to make a hollow 'carriage'. Trim a couple of cocktail sticks into thirds, and use to secure a cucumber round 'wheel' onto either side of each pepper carriage.

Now place the front of the train and the pepper carriages onto the board in the order you wish them to appear.

Cut the two celery sticks into equal (ish) sized pieces and lay them as 'tracks' either side of the train.

Now fill the pepper carriages with the leftover pepper cut into slices, some carrot and cucumber batons and your train is ready to go.

Serve alongside dips such as hummous, tzatziki, guacamole, tarama and salsa. Enjoy!

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