Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pregnancy Food Diet: Week 16

This week the nausea really has lifted which is a huge relief all round, it makes cooking and actually eating so much easier.

As I don't like to take an iron supplement as find this just plays havoc with my insides and clogs me up, I've tried to up my iron intake this week with lots of leafy green veg. Some batch cooking over the previous weekend has been a life saver for a couple of mid-week nights where the tiredness has really kicked in too - thoroughly recommend this.

There have been a few more treats than usual this week too - I blame the bank holiday weekend :-)


This has continued to be a combination of smoothies with either yoghurt (this week I've been having the Liberte with blueberry) or granary toast with Marmite. As I've been hit by a bit of an energy-slump, particularly after a day at work followed by an event in the evening, I've been adding either a teaspoon of raw cacao or coffee to my usual Nutriblast for that little early morning caffeine energy boost. A favourite this week has been a banana, a handful strawberries and walnuts, a teaspoon of raw cacao topped up with water - gorgeous.

Mid-Week Meals:

1. A treat of a meal out at The Real Greek with my friend Larni saw ne tucking into halloumi, tarramasalata, pork belly and flat breads - divine.

Halloumi at The Real Greek

2. Pesto Topped Salmon with Spaghetti, rocket and a handful of cherry tomatoes was a winner for the three of us this week.

3. At the work event I had a lovely pea and lemon risotto at The Happenstance with a few small canapes and a delicious cupcake from Doilies 4. A divine looking cheese board at the work event really charged my blue cheese craving - one of the off-limits items during pregnancy, unless thoroughly cooked. So I made this lovely Creamy Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto and served with plenty of rocket.

Creamy Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto

5. Friday night was a treat of homemade lasagne from the freezer that I'd batch cooked at the weekend and served with a salad - again lots of leafy rocket.

Weekend Meals:

Saturday Glen, Bridget and I ventured to Southend for the day, and had a lovely seaside fish and chips along the seafront - delicious. Sunday we enjoyed a roast pork dinner with lots of crispy roast potatoes and vegetables at my parents’ house cooked by my Mum, and on bank holiday Monday I had a couple of friends over and made the Bruschetta for us to share followed by Seabass en Pappillote, dauphinois potatoes, asparagus and spinach. Missing our usual wine but I'm obviously abstaining, Jem was driving and Steph was suffering from her Sunday night intake!

Roast pork at the Cheungs

Seabass en pappillote
A great week for food - less treats next week.

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