Thursday, 18 February 2016

A London Lunch: Leon

I'm currently residing in Bankside at Southwark and so lunchtime options are quite plentiful. However during this current 1200 calorie per day healthy eating regime it can be slightly more challenging.

Leon has become a bit of a friend in recent weeks and two of their lunchtime offerings in particular offer lunchtime solace in not-meagre portions of delicious, fresh and healthy food.

The first is the classic Original Superfood Salad. This is a lean and green concoction that includes broccoli, feta, peas, quinoa, avocado, mint and parsley and some toasted seeds plus a small helping of vinaigrette and is absolutely delicious. Fresh and well-seasoned, the Original Superfood Salad is 515 calories and is a firm favourite. 

Leon Original Superfood Salad
The other Leon contender is a fairly new one, the Brazilian Black Bean Box which includes a stew of mildy spiced black beans with carrot and onions with a smattering of fragrant coriander sitting on a bed of brown rice. This is perfect when the freezing cold weather demands a hot lunch. The Brazilian Black Bean Box is 408 calories which is well worth it for the warming, hearty flavour hit it provides.

Leon Brazilian Black Bean Box
Leon offers an array of other salads, rice boxes and ‘super pots’ with things like hummus, chicken and meatballs so if looking for freshly prepared,

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