Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Baby Bites Greek Feta Plate

Ok this isn't really a recipe - more an idea for a quick and simple weaning lunch or dinner. It's perfect for when baby is into finger foods as everything can be cut into similarly sized cubes.

This is perfect for you having the same meal as it's less fuss and this also travels well in a little lunchbox if you're out and about too.

I've used peashoots here but you could change this for rocket, watercress or even plain old iceberg and have some fun introducing new items to the plate. Bridget really likes olives - but if you offer these be warned they have a strong taste for a tiny palate and make sure to remove the stone. 

Here's how:
  • 75g feta cheese 
  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • An inch length of a cucumber
  • Handful of peashoots or rocket
  • 1/2 brown pitta bread

Firstly toast the pitta for a couple of minutes and then allow to cool a little so baby can handle.

Next wash the tomatoes, peashoots and cucumber and then dry with a clean tea towel or some kitchen paper.

Now cut the cherry tomatoes in half and the cucumber into cubes of around the same size and place onto the plate with the peashoots.

Cube the feta into as close in size to the other items as possible and pop onto the plate with the toasted pitta.

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