Thursday, 16 April 2015

Introducing Bistro Becs Baby Bites

I am very excited to introduce a new focus to Bistro Becs in the form of ‘Baby Bites’.

In September last year my beautiful daughter Bridget was born, who has brought unthinkable joy to both me and my partner (and of course our families).

In turn, life has been a little unpredictable and at times chaotic and the blog has certainly been slack but this hasn’t stopped me from cooking and enjoying food – although I have embarked on the 5:2 diet to try and shift some of the baby weight, so for two days a week my consumption has been a little limited!

In the past couple of months, Bridget has slowly been weaned onto solid food and I’ve gone down the ‘traditional weaning’ route, which has included beginning with purees, slowly introducing lumpier textures and then the introduction of finger foods. I can honestly say, that so far it has been absolutely joyous, she has rejected very little and is certainly enjoying her food.

I have mainly made my own ‘baby food’ with some pouches of Ella’s Kitchen and Hipp Organic thrown in for good measure, but since she has mastered more textured food, I’ve made everything from scratch – not because I’m anti-jars or pouches, but because I can, because I enjoy cooking, and mostly because I like to know that I am aware of every ingredient that is going into Bridget’s food.

I found that when looking online for resources, the outlets are actually quite limited so I thought I would share some food and recipes that have been happily welcomed by my daughter in the hope it might help or inspire someone else wanting to prepare their child’s first foods. 

And just because I can't resist sharing, here is a picture of me with my lovely Bridget. Recipes and ideas coming soon.

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