Saturday, 22 July 2017

Introducing Beatrice

Firstly hello again, and apologies for a nearly 8-month silence.

I've been rather busy welcoming our second baby daughter; Beatrice, into the fold and adjusting to life as a family of four, rather than three. Life has been more hectic than ever before but also wonderful. Beatrice is six months old this week.



We've packed in two family holidays, a parents-only weekend in Glasgow for a wedding and several days out together, not to mention, handling some pretty intense terrible twos situations with Bridget, our eldest, and tackling her 'fussy food' stage, which thankfully seems to be passing now.

Weaning fun has begun again too with Beatrice following in her sister's footsteps and enjoying the homemade purees I've made for her. We're just introducing finger foods now at six months and as well as revisiting some classic recipes I shared first time around, such as Cauliflower Broccoli and Cod Cheese and Nourishing Veggie Soup I'll be posting some new recipes and puree ideas too.

Whilst this blog will always remain true to its' original foodie heart, it seems right now that I'm a Mummy of two, that the focus shifts slightly to reflect that, so expect to see more family food at home and eating out ideas, family activities and days out and of course travel that is practical and fun with little ones. Food and recipe creation continues to be a huge passion point - I just have two small additional passions to consider now too.

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