Thursday, 12 January 2012

2011 Favourites

Before it’s too far into 2012 I wanted to do a very short, sweet and taste-tickling post on some of my favourite foody things from 2011, be them old, new or just new to me. Round up with runners up below:

Favourite ‘posh’ restaurant I visited in 2011

Winner: Fino

Close Runners: Arbutus , Les Deux Salons, Bistro du Vin, Soho

Favourite ‘affordable’ restaurant

Winner: Young Cheng, Lisle Street, a new Dim Sum favourite with the lovely ladies I'm currently working with

Closer Runners: The Oliver Tree, Loughton , The Cardamon Lounge, Collier Row

Favourite Food Moment outside of the UK

Winner: Eating Jerk Chicken, Pork and Fish in Montego Bay, Jamaica You can read about this if you so please in my June 2011 posts.

Closer Runner: Delicious cakes at Gellert Hotel, Budapest, Hungary You can also read about this and other Hungarian delights in one of my December posts.

Favourite Food Read

Winner: 1 of my favourite bloggers of Eat Like a Girl fame had her first book published, Comfort & Spice and I attended a gorgeous brunch to celebrate this, and of course get my copy. As well as trying out several of the recipes to general applause, the writer, Niamh Shields introduced me to a new, naughty indulgence – Bacon Jam - rest assured it is the most moreish savoury delight ever.

Favourite Food Experience

Winner: Fruitpicking in Sussex and then making an array of jam, fruit pie and other delicious things with the fruits of this

Close Runners: Growing my own vegetables, some more successful than others, and using them in my home cooking attempts

Favourite New Ingredient

Winner: Maple Syrup – I’m currently obsessed with using this in savoury dishes, expect some recipes to follow (particularly the most delicious marinated ribs)

Favourite Foody TV Show

Winner: Masterchef – again I was obsessed with this show and was delighted at the winner who my boyfriend nicknamed the ‘nutty professor’ – looking forward to great things from Tim Anderson.

Close Runner: Mexican Food Made Easy (Thomasina Miers), Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain – particularly the episode that saw Jamie in an East London pie, mash shop and in Leigh-on-Sea.

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