Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A London Lunch: New Loon Fung, China Town

On Saturday, Bridget and I joined my parents for a dim sum lunch at New Loon Fung, Gerrard Street in London's Chinatown.

It's the first time we've eaten there, and we were impressed. 

We had a combination if dishes, starting with Seafood Crispy Noodles, which were the perfect mix of crispy round the edges, and soft in the centre where the saucy seafood had sat atop. The seafood in question was a generous portion of scallops, prawns and squid plus a combination of vegetables - all cooked to perfection, delicious. 

Seafood Crispy Noodles

We also had roast duck on rice, usually a favourite, but this was the one, slightly disappointing dish, as the duck was overdone and had taken on that liver-esque taste and texture. A shame.

Roast Duck on rice

Dim sum dishes at New Loon Fung were all pleasing though, sui mai and har gau plus prawn cheung fun, as the cornerstones of every dim sum meal we have, were all good. 

Other dishes though that impressed included a scallop and spring onion dumpling, sesame paper wrapped prawns which were deep-friend and delicious, Shanghai style dumplings - Xia Long Bao, with pork and a soupy broth inside - two beautiful mouthfuls, and some gorgeous crispy vegetable spring rolls. The squid cakes were also good despite being devoid of my favourite coriander. 

Paper Wrapped Prawns

Spring Rolls

Squid Cakes

Shanghai Dumplings

Char Sui Bao, the soft doughy steamed bun filled with barbecue pork, were on top form, which is just as well as my little toddler foodie, Bridget, loves them. She has recently become much more adept at using a spoon and fork and it was lovely to see her feeding herself noodles, rice and the like all on her own. 

Char Sui Bao
Bridget enjoying her dim sum
As a sweet treat, we had egg custard tarts to complete the meal which were excellent; sweet, flaky pastry containing a light, bright yellow-hued baked custard, just delicious. Bridget had her first try too and, as usual loved them. 

Custard Tarts
The meal for the four of us (three adults plus a toddler) came in at £70 including service which was good considering we over-ordered and took away a couple of boxes of leftovers. Service at New Loon Fung was excellent and the staff here were extra attentive to Bridget, which really makes a difference when eating out with a toddler. I'll definitely return to New Loon Fung for more.

We rounded off the day by visiting Trafalgar Square to join into the St George’s Day festivities, which included a bit of a street party atmosphere, lots of food and drink stalls, a few fairground attractions, people in medieval dress and a Chef’s area where I watched a short demo from Masterchef winner, Natalie Coleman – so plenty going on. A great family day.
The Cheung Family
Bridget having fun in Leicester Square

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