Friday, 4 January 2013

A London Lunch No.2: Beigel Shop, Brick Lane

Another day, another London lunch recommendation – this time for under a fiver, and from the colourful East End location of Brick Lane.

The area, once-upon-a time, had a thriving Jewish community, and whilst today the local vicinity is far more multicultural with foods from almost every nationality available within a two mile radius, some lasting treasures remain.

Within two doors of each other along Brick Lane stand Beigel Shop and Beigel Bake a pair of Jewish bakeries selling a multitude of delicious pastries, challah bread, and of course the beigel, or bagel as it’s more commonly known.

What they both have in common on a typical week day lunchtime, is a queue out of the door, plus an almost intoxicatingly delicious aroma that seems to envelope your senses as you creep slowly towards the front of the line. I have no complaint with either, but for my bagel of choice, the classic salt beef, I rather think Beigel Shop has the edge.

Priced at around £4.50, the deliciously salty, juicy and melt-in-the mouth beef brisket filling is one of the most satisfying I have tried – and the low cost proves you don’t need to head to Mishkin’s or any of the other new trendy, and perhaps slightly overpriced venues to enjoy this traditional tasty treat.

The original accompaniments of mustard and sliced gherkins, are still, in my personal opinion, the best and having tried this type of beigel from many, many sources – the Beigel Shop is definitely up there as a must-try place. The salt beef is always piled in generously and it works as a particularly good hangover cure!

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