Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Kanaloa & Gallo Summer Red Party

Last Tuesday my brother Daniel and I popped along to the launch party of Gallo Summer Red – a red wine designed to be served chilled. Sangria lover that I am, I thought this would only work in the conventionally Spanish way with pieces of oranges, lemon and lime chopped and with gallons of ice.

The event took place at
4 Hamilton Place. in their fabulous roof gardens, and though it had been raining during the day – it pretty much held off and made for a lovely setting overlooking Hyde Park Corner. The red theme occurred throughout and it made for a rather elegant overall look. We were granted a glass of the chilled Gallo Summer Red on arrival and I was impressed, it had a lovely fruity flavour to it. I could see myself easily drinking this in beer gardens across the city over the coming summer months. I finished the first glass in record quick time as it just went down so easily.

We also tried their other two drink offerings - the Spritzer – the red with soda and ice in a long glass – again very light and fruity, and a lot easier to drink, with less chance of a headache in the morning. The cocktail which had been devised by the team at Farringdon club
Kanaloa. was delicious and I have to admit I necked a fair few of these. They had the wine mixed with Chambord and lemonade in a tall glass with raspberries and blackberries – and I quickly re-created this at home at the weekend.

There was an array of canapés supplied by
Dish Catering. - and these were in the main good – with special mention going to the crab tarts topped with dill and the red onion tarts too. The mini burgers were nice too, but too much ketchup for my liking. The waitresses all looked great in their red dresses and fitted the red theme well.

Intending on ‘popping in for an hour’ we ended up staying till 11ish and were treated to music by celeb DJ and fashion designer Henry Holland and a few other celebrity sightings too – fellow Essex girl Pixie Lott was in attendance with her model boyfriend – both looked fantastic. Jo Wood was looking quite rocky and there was also a few other reality TV people that barely deserve mention (and who I wouldn’t have known from Adam if my telly addict brother hadn’t been with me.

It was a fab party and I will definitely be drinking a lot more Gallo Summer Red this summer – however I must warn against drinking it in excess as I had one killer hangover in work on the Wednesday.

Picture is of myself and Daniel with my friend Lianne Walsh who was part of the team running the event as James from
Bang Showbiz.


  1. Wow - very celebrity! Love a glass of rose in summer.

  2. It was delightful - deffo worth a try, I've had it twice since the party too.